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Save up to 25% on stunning jewelry by FTD
Valid through 16 September 2012
$10 OFF fall pumpkin rose bouquet
Valid through 30 November 2011
Save up to 25% on stunning jewelry by FTD. Simply
Valid through 18 September 2012
Up to 25% OFF flowers, plants, and gifts
Valid through 26 August 2012
Get same day delivery on flowers and plants
Valid through 28 May 2012
All same day delivery flowers include a vase with your order
Save 10% on red roses
Valid through 26 May 2012

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Ftd.com is a distributor of Internet and telephone flowers and special gifts. Ftd.com founded, the oldest floral services organization worldwide, Ftd.com sells directly to consumers via the website, www.Ftd.com, and its telephone number 1-800-ENVOYER Ftd.com. Ftd.com using independent florists that meet the highest quality and service levels, provides Ftd.com flower orders the same day to nearly 100 percent of the U.S. population. Ftd.com offers a wide variety of unique floral arrangements and special gifts for holidays and other occasions. June 27, 2002 Ftd.com became a wholly owned subsidiary, Florists Transworld Delivery Association, Inc. For more information Ftd.com, its parent company Florists Transworld Delivery Association, Inc. and its respective parent companies, Ftd.com, Inc. Ftd.com Group, Inc. is available ‘Investor category on this site.

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